The Man In The Sun Bonnet

Sun Bonnet

While waiting for an appointment, I passed the time by taking a look at the Celestial Hat of a stranger sitting next to me.

I had to truly suppress the urge to laugh out loud.

The Celestial Hat did not fit the physical appearance and picturing the Hat was truly laughable.

The stranger was a man approximately sixty to seventy years old, with white hair and a large build. He was sitting, but I’d guess that he was at least six feet tall.

His Celestial Hat was a Little Girls’ Sun Bonnet!

My initial impression was that this was a very sweet man. I pictured a little girl in a sunny field on “Little House on the Prairie”.

Another stranger began a conversation with the man and when he said he was tired from staying up all night with his granddaughter,

I began to see why this man wore a Sun Bonnet.

The man’s daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were visiting and the granddaughter wouldn’t get to sleep the night before. The man stayed up with the baby while his daughter and her husband slept.

A woman in our group said, “If you had to get up for work today and your daughter and son-in-law didn’t, why did you have to take care of the baby?”

The woman made it clear that she wouldn’t have done what this man did.

The man said, “They both work hard and I wanted to let them rest.”

This was truly a sweet man! The more he talked, the more I knew that my initial assessment was correct. He was a lovable Soul.


You might not be able to perceive Celestial Hats, but your Soul can.

Trust your instincts.

Your impression might not fit what your eyes are seeing, but go with what you feel.

Your Soul knows the truth.



  1. This is one thing I have read about too like you said Lisa, that you had read about the silver cord and I think you know that I had died when I was 19 after a very bad asthma attack and of course I came back, but it was very hard for me to get over all of that what happened up until I died. But after I died I saw the people in the E.R. working on me and then you go through a shock period after dying and then the thoughts come back little, by little…..I realized after I died I was floating above my body and watching all the doctors and nurses and everyone running around and I realized too that I was at the corner of the room at the very top looking down on ‘myself” and after all of those things happened I questioned everything I’d read about “The silver cord” that it usually was around the naval area, but I didn’t see it and I’ve read that it could be in the middle of the back, or at the shoulders too, but if it were there why didn’t I “see” that? That was the question that always bothered me. Where was the silver cord when I died? Then not too long ago I had a dream journey and I saw something that looked like a lacy object that covered my face and then something arose out of that and I believe it was my silver cord…then it all made sense….all those years of wondering from 19 to 60 years I wondered and then finally I had my break-through! Interesting, surely!



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