The Silver Cord


A Silver Ethereal Cord connects our physical bodies to our Soul. I’ve heard about the Silver Cord and I’ve read about it, but I had never seen it…

…until now.

I was looking into my bathroom mirror. This is important because a psychic told me this mirror was a portal. I’ve often suspected this because of experiences I’ve had when looking into this mirror.

This particular time, I had a vision of my Celestial Hat. It sparkled so brightly it was almost blinding. It shined like twinkling stars.

Then I saw the Silver Cord!

I sensed the Silver Cord was attached to my Celestial Hat and I was given the information and confirmation that our Celestial Hats are attached to our Souls with our Silver Cords.

Celestial Hats sit on our Souls at the Crown Chakra, so naturally they’d be attached, but when we think of a hat in our physical world, we think of it as a separate thing – as an accessory.

Celestial Hats are more than accessories.

They identify the current personality status of our Souls.

They are not separate.

They are a part of our Soul.

I saw that all Celestial Hats are blindingly beautiful, just like our Souls. This explains why I feel the need to enhance many of the Hats with gold and silver. Some Celestial Hats do not lend themselves to these embellishments, but for those that do, I always feel the need to add it.

I was excited because I was also given missing information for another project…

…my Celestial Keys.

I was missing information on a particular Celestial Key, but now I know what to add:

…the Silver Cord.

I will discuss the Celestial Keys soon in future posts.

For now, we need to understand that our Celestial Hats are much more than a fashion statement!


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