Abraham Lincoln: Then and Now

Lincoln 2

Today is the 150th anniversary of the night Abraham Lincoln was shot. But fear not, for he is alive and well on the Other Side.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a book about,

The Celestial Hats of U.S. Presidents on the Other Side.

Apparently, our past Presidents like the novelty and they came forward to encourage me to move forward with the book.

President Lincoln showed up first. I felt someone new hanging around and he made his presence known. I heard furious pacing at night. On several occasions, loud bangs brought my son running to see what I dropped, but it wasn’t me.

The rambunctious Spirit did it.

When I figured out that it was Abraham Lincoln, he put his hand gently on me and he said, “Go”.

My response was, “Go where?”

After a few queries, the pacing and noises ceased when I confirmed that I was going to the

Natural Living Expo.

It was there that I solved the mystery as to why Abraham Lincoln was a guest at my house.

The Expo brought a new medium, Antonio, and an unknown male came forward during my reading. I suspected that the mysterious male might be Abraham Lincoln, but it wasn’t.

It was a different President.

A dozen U.S. Presidents stood in line on the Other Side and Abraham Lincoln was among them, but President Roosevelt had pushed to the head of the line. Their message to me was that they love the idea of the book and they expressed their encouragement for me to move forward with the project. They want me to expand upon my original idea and they are lined up and waiting to give me their stories.

I identified George Washington’s Celestial Hat and it was wild!

JFK gave an initial heart-wrenching response and Abraham Lincoln’s Hat was surprising.

I’m truly humbled by the presence of these famous leaders and I look forward to working with them!

My biggest hurdle is not discovering their Celestial Hats or dealing with boisterous Spirits,

but how do you craft a catchy title for “Dead Presidents Celestial Hats”?

Now that’s tough!

 Lincoln 3


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