A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Wedding…

I felt as if I was living the movie:

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

A new moon, a wedding and crazy events brought forth…

            …a New Discovery.

Something exciting…

Like the movie, my life was insane, and that’s when I had…

…a Revelation.

Something inviting…

            I was on a whirlwind ride during the wedding events, just like the whirlwind movie happenings.

Something dramatic…

There was incredible drama surrounding the wedding, which was far too comparable to the movie drama!

Something erratic…

My Revelation was crazy! Craziness abounds in the movie.

Something for everyone…

And just like the movie – there was a happy ending.

Hats for everyone tonight!

These crazy events triggered my ability…

            …to see Celestial Hats.

Before I tell you about the Hats, I must tell you how I got there.

It happened during a powerful new moon. This new moon was described as a time of ignition to a unique mission.

Unique mission – that was an understatement!

At the time of the wedding, a family discussion started me thinking in a new direction. An idea was forming, but I couldn’t connect the dots. Then one night as I was driving, I clearly heard,

“Go for the Gold”.

The first thing I asked was,

“What the heck does that mean?”

There was a gold road sign up ahead, but I knew that wasn’t it. I knew it was something I needed to do and it was going to be big, but what was it?

The next day, my horoscope said to “Go for the Gold”!

That was an obvious Sign. I had to keep searching.

Then out of the blue, I felt a strong urge to order the soundtrack from The DaVinci Code movie.

You see why I can relate to the “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” movie? It was one crazy event after another.

I went with my instincts and ordered the soundtrack. A few days later, I put it on while I was driving…

And that’s when it all clicked.

The music brought forth my ability to see Celestial Hats on people.

It came easily – just like when I discovered that I could see Auras. One moment I couldn’t see Auras, and then I could see them. It was quite shocking actually.

The same thing happened with the Hats. One moment I couldn’t see Hats, and the next moment I could.

But there was still a piece missing.

What the heck did it mean?!

What is the significance of the Hats? It seemed crazy, even to me.

I asked and the message came through as clear as day:

“It’s what the person does on the Other Side!”

Ah…the lightbulb came on. Everything fell into place.

Like the movie ending, all the plot pieces came together.

As I began to think about hats, it made so much sense! From the time I was little, I’ve loved hats. When I was in school, I would always have a headband, hat, ribbon or bow – something on my head. Whenever I go on vacation, I feel the need to buy a special hat. It also explains why I had to wear something on my head for my daughter’s wedding. I was driven to find just the right headpiece because I couldn’t attend such a momentous life event without something on my head. It was extremely important to me, but at the time, I didn’t know why.

Then there’s my novel, Both Sides. The key character always wears a hat. I didn’t know why he had to wear a hat when I wrote it, but now I do.

Hats are worn over our Crown Chakras. The Crown Chakra is mainly associated with communication to our spiritual nature. One definition of the Crown Chakra is your “personal identification with Infinite” and the “unification of the Higher Self with the human personality”.

Your Celestial Hat sits on your Crown Chakra.

It shows you the identity of your Soul.

Celestial Hat Definition

I decided to explore this new ability, so I practiced on everyone I knew. My Hat was easy. It came to me first and I attempted to draw it.

That’s the down side to all of this – I’m not an artist! It’s extremely frustrating to have a vision but you can’t draw it. I enrolled in a drawing class, so hopefully my Hat drawing skills will improve.

Thankfully, I’m also given a one or two word description with the Hat. I say that because some of the Hats were tricky, but with the verbal description I was able to correctly identify the True Hat. So far, I’ve identified three types of Hats.

Celestial Hobby Hat

This is the best-case scenario. This is what your Soul loves to do on the Other Side. If your Soul is wearing this Hat when I read you, then your Soul is in a good place. You’re on track.

*This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re happy and your life is perfect. Check out examples on the Examples Page*

Celestial Hurdle Hat

This is a tough one. You’re wearing this Hat because your Soul is stuck on a Life Lesson. You had a challenging incarnation and you haven’t gotten past the lessons that you needed to learn from that past life yet.

By identifying this Hat, you can take a close look at your life and try to find ways to move on. This could be the most beneficial Hat to know about because it could provide clues to aid you in your Soul’s journey.

Celestial Favored Hat

This one isn’t good or bad. You had an incarnation that you really loved and you still strongly identify with it. As with all the Hats, it could provide valuable insight into your personality.

Celestial Trick Hat

I identified my son’s Hat, and he has a Hobby Hat, but he asked me to do an experiment on him. He told me to look at his Hat and I saw that it was different, because he purposely changed it. If you want me to see your true Soul’s Hat, you need to let me look at it without interference from you. You can trick me into seeing something else, but what good would that do? The purpose of a Celestial Hat reading is to give you valuable insight about your Soul’s Life Mission and your current journey in this life.

It is not a Hat that you necessarily wear in this life;

rather it’s a reflection of your Soul.

A Look at Your Soul

I discovered with the Aura readings that I can use them as a lie detector. I can tell by your Aura if you’re lying. The Celestial Hats are also a way for me to understand people and to get a better glimpse of their personality. The benefit of knowing your Celestial Hat can now be passed on to you.

There is a third component to my readings and it will assist greatly with healing.

That will be coming soon.

For now, I offer Celestial Hat readings. I cannot draw, so don’t expect much! But I will describe the Hat so you’ll know what I was attempting to draw.

You can contact me at: CelestialHats@yahoo.com

This new perspective on our Soul has been offered by the Universe as an additional means of understanding our mission in this life. I believe it was brought about due to the tremendous energy generated from the wedding and the overpowering love that I have for my daughter, her new husband, my son, my husband and my family.

Frenzy and frolic, strictly symbolic, something for everyone!

Hats for everyone tonight!



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