Proof, Proof and More Proof


After completing an analysis of forty United States presidents and leaders, I can conclusively say that Celestial Hats reveal the personality of a person’s Soul.

A Celestial Hat reading is a:

Paranormal Psychological Analysis

In my book, Presidential Souls, I give forty examples of this proof, but the amazement never stops as I continue to perform Celestial Hat readings.


I received a request to look at the Celestial Hat of Glenn Beck. I know Mr. Beck is a famous radio and television personality and author, but I had no knowledge of his personal life or history.

His Soul revealed his earlier life and pain.

Mr. Beck’s Soul approached me struggling mightily. He was dressed causally as he strained to the point of exhaustion, attempting to pull a thick rope. He pulled and pulled, then the front of a boat came into view. Finally, he stopped. He stood before me and showed me his Hat. It was a civilian ship captain’s Hat. I was given the analogy of Thurston Howell III from the television show, Gilligan’s Island.

At this point, I speculated. Did Mr. Beck love boating, but was frustrated because he lacked the time to enjoy it? Was he afraid of the water, but wished he could overcome his fears?

Thurston Howell

Thurston Howell III from Gilligan’s Island.

I performed a search: Glenn Beck hobbies, looking for any mention of his love of boating. What I found was unbelievable. As with the Presidents, the Hat revealed the true pain of his Soul.

Glenn Beck is like Thurston Howell III. His Soul is trapped on an island as he struggles to reconcile with a fateful boat. His mother died on a boat when he was fifteen years old and Mr. Beck reports her death as a suicide. Mr. Beck continues to bear the emotional burden of his mother’s death to the extent that he wears a ship captain’s Hat.

The person who asked me to do this reading follows Glenn Beck, but even she didn’t know about his early tragic past.

His Soul knew, and his Soul showed me his continued pain.


Presidential Souls will be released soon. Stay tuned for updates at:





Abraham Lincoln: Then and Now

Lincoln 2

Today is the 150th anniversary of the night Abraham Lincoln was shot. But fear not, for he is alive and well on the Other Side.

I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a book about,

The Celestial Hats of U.S. Presidents on the Other Side.

Apparently, our past Presidents like the novelty and they came forward to encourage me to move forward with the book.

President Lincoln showed up first. I felt someone new hanging around and he made his presence known. I heard furious pacing at night. On several occasions, loud bangs brought my son running to see what I dropped, but it wasn’t me.

The rambunctious Spirit did it.

When I figured out that it was Abraham Lincoln, he put his hand gently on me and he said, “Go”.

My response was, “Go where?”

After a few queries, the pacing and noises ceased when I confirmed that I was going to the

Natural Living Expo.

It was there that I solved the mystery as to why Abraham Lincoln was a guest at my house.

The Expo brought a new medium, Antonio, and an unknown male came forward during my reading. I suspected that the mysterious male might be Abraham Lincoln, but it wasn’t.

It was a different President.

A dozen U.S. Presidents stood in line on the Other Side and Abraham Lincoln was among them, but President Roosevelt had pushed to the head of the line. Their message to me was that they love the idea of the book and they expressed their encouragement for me to move forward with the project. They want me to expand upon my original idea and they are lined up and waiting to give me their stories.

I identified George Washington’s Celestial Hat and it was wild!

JFK gave an initial heart-wrenching response and Abraham Lincoln’s Hat was surprising.

I’m truly humbled by the presence of these famous leaders and I look forward to working with them!

My biggest hurdle is not discovering their Celestial Hats or dealing with boisterous Spirits,

but how do you craft a catchy title for “Dead Presidents Celestial Hats”?

Now that’s tough!

 Lincoln 3

The Man In The Sun Bonnet

Sun Bonnet

While waiting for an appointment, I passed the time by taking a look at the Celestial Hat of a stranger sitting next to me.

I had to truly suppress the urge to laugh out loud.

The Celestial Hat did not fit the physical appearance and picturing the Hat was truly laughable.

The stranger was a man approximately sixty to seventy years old, with white hair and a large build. He was sitting, but I’d guess that he was at least six feet tall.

His Celestial Hat was a Little Girls’ Sun Bonnet!

My initial impression was that this was a very sweet man. I pictured a little girl in a sunny field on “Little House on the Prairie”.

Another stranger began a conversation with the man and when he said he was tired from staying up all night with his granddaughter,

I began to see why this man wore a Sun Bonnet.

The man’s daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter were visiting and the granddaughter wouldn’t get to sleep the night before. The man stayed up with the baby while his daughter and her husband slept.

A woman in our group said, “If you had to get up for work today and your daughter and son-in-law didn’t, why did you have to take care of the baby?”

The woman made it clear that she wouldn’t have done what this man did.

The man said, “They both work hard and I wanted to let them rest.”

This was truly a sweet man! The more he talked, the more I knew that my initial assessment was correct. He was a lovable Soul.


You might not be able to perceive Celestial Hats, but your Soul can.

Trust your instincts.

Your impression might not fit what your eyes are seeing, but go with what you feel.

Your Soul knows the truth.

The Silver Cord


A Silver Ethereal Cord connects our physical bodies to our Soul. I’ve heard about the Silver Cord and I’ve read about it, but I had never seen it…

…until now.

I was looking into my bathroom mirror. This is important because a psychic told me this mirror was a portal. I’ve often suspected this because of experiences I’ve had when looking into this mirror.

This particular time, I had a vision of my Celestial Hat. It sparkled so brightly it was almost blinding. It shined like twinkling stars.

Then I saw the Silver Cord!

I sensed the Silver Cord was attached to my Celestial Hat and I was given the information and confirmation that our Celestial Hats are attached to our Souls with our Silver Cords.

Celestial Hats sit on our Souls at the Crown Chakra, so naturally they’d be attached, but when we think of a hat in our physical world, we think of it as a separate thing – as an accessory.

Celestial Hats are more than accessories.

They identify the current personality status of our Souls.

They are not separate.

They are a part of our Soul.

I saw that all Celestial Hats are blindingly beautiful, just like our Souls. This explains why I feel the need to enhance many of the Hats with gold and silver. Some Celestial Hats do not lend themselves to these embellishments, but for those that do, I always feel the need to add it.

I was excited because I was also given missing information for another project…

…my Celestial Keys.

I was missing information on a particular Celestial Key, but now I know what to add:

…the Silver Cord.

I will discuss the Celestial Keys soon in future posts.

For now, we need to understand that our Celestial Hats are much more than a fashion statement!